Best Places for Couples & Family In Dubai

Either you are in a long-term relationship and planning to devote your whole life together or you just got married and have plans to spend some beautiful moments while starting the new journey of your life. Whatever type of relationship you are in, you would like to lay its foundations on memorable and lovely moments. Traveling with your partner is also very important to learn about each other because this is the time when you both will be completely away from your normal routines, environment, and social circles and you can enjoy each other’s company without any interruptions. But, as a matter of fact, not everyone can afford to go anywhere in the world to rejoice special occasions like honeymoon, romantic tour or an unforgettable date. That’s why most of the people from world turn toward this incredible city Dubai to have the time of their life with their partners.

Apart from offering tremendous quixotic opportunities, visa processing of this alluring city is very fast, easy and affordable. Furthermore, this marvelous emirate has the safest environment for its natives as well as guests. Everyone knows that Dubai is a town of attractions, and one might totally lose in its charms but will still be unable to cover it all. That’s why we have decided to make a list of those places which don’t only have a very romantic climate but are worth every moment spent them. So, get in the mood for love and let us explain the finest places for couples in Dubai.



Who can question a calm evening followed by a delicious dinner in a nice and cozy environment of an exotic restaurant? Dinners in restaurants have been playing a very significant role in the history of love and relationships. Off-course, Dubai is famous for its world-class restaurants but there are certain restaurants that have something special in their air. Due to their unique locations, charming atmosphere, exceptional services, and mouthwatering foods, following restaurants have been handpicked by us for lovebirds.

Pierchic: Sit in a place straight out of your dreams, with very professional services and an amazing menu. Situated inside the sea and with an incredible view of Burj Al Arab, this place has all the essentials for a fantastic romantic evening.

Shimmers: Stands at a wonderful location near Pierchic and Burj Al Arab. This restaurant is a perfect place to spend some romantic moments in outdoors and dine excellent Greek cuisine while seated on the white sand of the beach under the vast open sky at night.

Eauzone: If you want to spend some mysterious but peaceful time with your loved one, this restaurant on the beach, surrounded by palm trees is just amazing. Its atmosphere becomes more enchanting after sunset in addition to delicious Asian food.

Rhodes Mezzanine: This restaurant has a rich classical British theme with vibrant colors which give this very impression that makes your beloved feel special about them. Furthermore, food is just flawless as this restaurant is by British celebrity chef Gary Rhodes.

Karma Café: Enter the Pan Asian restaurant by Buddha Bar with your partner and feel this mystical and romantic vibes in the air. It is a very unique and unforgettable experience for couples, especially in the night time.



Dhow Dinner Cruise is one of the best opportunities to spend a delightful evening with someone special. A dhow is an ancient wooden boat which floats in creeks/canals of sea alongside the marvelous skyline of Dubai. Whether it is your wedding anniversary, a date or something alike, this dinner in an extravagantly decorated traditional boat is a perfect chance to immortalize the time spent with your partner. Get ready to make unforgettable memories in this unfathomable and intimate environment with your partner while enjoying the delectable food. Then you can go on the deck and have some of the best moments while cool breeze kisses your face and creates the magical ambience for a romantic evening. Moreover, you can sit back on traditional pillows and carpets with your loved one and cherish some live shows like Tanura Dance and Magic Show etc. Make fascinating remembrances that will be associated with each other and keep sparkling like the pearls.



Dubai Desert Safari has become a world-famous thrilling entertainment tour and is cherished by tens of thousands of tourists annually. Nothing can beat the romance of Overnight Desert Safari. Basically, it is an extension of Evening Desert Safari and is packed with adventurous activities like Dune Drive and Dune Bashing, Camel Ride, Sandboarding, Henna Tattoos, and Horse and Quad Bike Ride. In addition to luscious BBQ Buffet Dinner, you get to spend some intimate moments with your sweetheart while enjoying live performances like a dazzling Belly Dance, an electrifying Fire Show, Hala Dance, and Tanoura Dance. Then you get to spend the most indelible time when you sit around the fire in night stay camp with your darling. This is the time to fill your memories with love that is spilling out by this charming night of vast desert under countless stars with serene fresh air and tranquil calmness. This break away from cliché will be the best time of your life and will carve endless soothing memories in your mind and heart.



Let’s go to a dreamlike experience that you have always fantasized about. You and your partner can sit on the hump of “The Ship of The Desert” a camel, and be gripped by spellbinding sceneries of this golden desert while camel walks gently on the shimmering sand. Feel like an ancient Arab couple on their lifetime quest in the desert while sitting on this oldest friend of Arabs. These camels are not respected and loved by Arabs without any reason, they earned this respect by providing their loyal services as the main source of transport in the vastness of this Arabian desert in the old times. These glorious giants can travel for hundreds of miles without drinking water for days in hot weather of the desert. So, get ready to experience the most unusual and mystical journey with your dear.



Musandam Dibba Oman Tour is also another very exclusive tour to spend splendid time in natural landscapes with the love of your life. Especially couples who like to explore, have fun and enjoy outdoors. Let’s escape from the commotion of Dubai’s crowd and enter Oman’s border. Board on the big Dhow with your darling and reinvigorate yourselves while standing on the deck. Be mesmerized by the natural symmetrical spread of white salt mountains and appreciate nature’s unmatched art. Other than sitting and observing these unprecedented surroundings you with your partner can partake in exciting activities like banana boating and diving. Then you can take a ride on fast motor boats and take wonderful pictures of mind-blowing landscapes around you. Moreover, explore underwater life while spending some unparalleled moments with your beloved in the crystal-clear sea water. Savor delicious meal and get energized to spend some more charmed time in this spectacular peninsula that will emboss very special memories on your mind.

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