Mistakes To Avoid In Dubai Desert Safari

Finally, you are about to plan for your ultimate adventure into the charming world of the Arabian Desert. It is quite obvious that some facts could be blurred from your eyes in all the excitement for your long-awaited vacation. This can result in some common mistake and you might find yourself in sort of an uncomfortable situation. Before you enter the wonderland of Traditional Arabian Fairy Tales, try to avoid following mistakes to make this unforgettable journey more pleasant and comfortable.


It is always rational to find Best Desert Safari Deals on low rates, but keep in mind that mostly Dubai Desert Safari is once in a lifetime opportunity and it is not a usual trip of any park in the city. Most of the time cheap deals are being offered by third-party agents and you may end up in unpleasant circumstances. So, make sure that you book with Trusted Tour Operator to ensure everything is safe and smooth for you. Find a reputed Desert Safari Tour Operator because they have their own setup, transportation, and professional skilled drivers. Because it does not hurt to spend a little extra on memorable occasions like this.


No matter what you are a regular traveler or a newbie, don’t forget to read and research a lot about Dubai Desert Safari. People just book and go for this tour but afterward, they realize that it is not a regular trip to a certain place. This is a full-fledged expedition that oozes fun and entertainment. Spend some time on the internet and try to learn about this great experience through blogs, watch videos on youtube and ask your friends who have already been to Desert Safari. This way you will come well prepared and enjoy every moment in this magical atmosphere.


This is one of the most important points to take into consideration. You will be spending many hours in the desert, where climate will be totally different from the city. Make sure that you wear a hat, sunglasses and use sunblock to dodge direct sunlight. Sunglasses are also very helpful in order to avoid getting sand into your eyes. A Bandana or Arabic Scarf will also be very handy because sand tends to get in the air when fast winds blow, so you can cover your face in case. Off-course you would not be able to stuff all these things in your pockets to its better to have a small backpack to keep your accessories in it.


Dubai Desert Safari has this edge of flexibility in its schedules. Off course it’s not easy to arrange time out of the busy routine of Dubai. Even if your sole purpose is visiting in Dubai, you will have to think twice which time slot of the day suits you the best. Desert Safari program mainly offers three programs named as Morning Desert Safari, Evening Desert Safari, and Overnight Desert Safari. Every program has its own features that are worth experiencing but you are suggested to compare all and plan according to your convenience.


Dubai’s Weather is not unknown to anyone. It is hot for most of the months of the year and a day in the desert is hotter than a day in the city at the same time because sand changes its temperature very fast. From September and October to February to March, weather remains very pleasant and its best time to enjoy Dubai Desert Safari. Additionally, in this time of the year, you will get to engage with the most diverse crowd of tourists from different countries, which is a very beautiful experience to observe and meet diverse nationalities from around the globe.


While there are some laws and reservations on following modest dress codes due to Sharia law in Dubai. But in the desert, you have freedom of dressing as compared to the city. Try to wear comfortable clothes that are not very tight or very loose. Because it’s hot and humid in the desert so tight clothing may cause irritation and very loose clothing will be a problem during thrilling activities like camel ride or sandboarding. So, it’s better for men to wear sporty and active clothes like shorts/jeans paired with a comfortable t-shirt or casual shirt. Ladies can also wear something similar to actively partake in adventurous moments. For footwear, you can wear sandals or flip flops but it is best to wear some rough and tough footwear like diggers or ankle high boots with good grip to stop sand from getting into it.


Dubai Desert Safari is observed by government and tour operator very strictly to ensure the safety of visitors. But you know your medical conditions better than anyone, for this reason, it is better to take precautionary measures before involving in any such activity that can result in a complication for you. Like Sand Dunes Drive and Bashing is totally unsafe for Pregnant ladies, patients with Neck/Spinal Problems, Extreme Heart Condition patients, etc. Furthermore, if you have any bone fractures or something similar then you are strongly recommended to avoid such activities until your complete recovery.


After entering the desert your ride across sand dunes will not be on a plain road, bumpy Sand Dune Ride will be followed by rough up & downs drive fun on Sand Dunes. This can disturb your stomach especially if it is full of food and you will feel upset and queasy for remaining excursion. You are advised to have an early and light lunch and avoid drinking too much water before this extremely rambunctious adventure.


Listen very carefully to guides and instructors before participating in any activity like camel ride, sandboarding, horse ride or quad bike ride. Sometimes people don’t take these instructions seriously which can cause problems. These instructors have years of experience in this environment and they develop these instructions after keen observations to avoid any unfortunate events.


It’s always better to have some cash in your wallet instead of credit/debit cards. You might think that you have already paid for everything but when you arrive at Desert Safari Base Camp there are many things (optional by choice) that you can buy for the extra money. You may want to purchase something from the souvenir shop, comfort shop, print out of the picture by a professional photographer, etc. Moreover, a little extra cash comes handy in giving tips if you are impressed by performers or happy by service of the staff.

We hope that you will keep these details in your mind and have best time of your life by avoiding above mentioned mistakes. Good luck!

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